Your entrance to the EU


Brexit, Nexit, Fixit, Irex….only 1 word can describe what is the result of the current situation: Opportunity! With Belgium in the heart of Europe and host of the European Commission it is most unlikely that you will be ignored here. With Antwerp housing over 200 different nationalities, we are used to foreigners doing business in this area.

That is one of the main reasons why we did choose Antwerp as our main location. All different port activities, fashion developments, architectural highlights, easy connections to Paris-Brussels-Rotterdam-Amsterdam and English spoken fluently almost everywhere… it is an ideal starting point of doing business! Specially compared with Brussels, which is the actual administrative capital of Belgium.

What can we do for you?

  • Founding a company – Acquire an existing company
  • Office space – Private housing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial
  • Notary services
  • Legal services
  • EU relations

Introduction package


To set-up a company or take over an exisiting ‘sleeping’ company is not a question of impulsive handling. We would like you to be convinced of the pro’s and cons of this activity. We also want you to have the possibilities to join our business network of what supposed to be the ‘backside’ of your company. Administration, legal documents, renting an office…. Etcetera. All one by one important items for your succesfull business but the quicker you are common with these topics the sooner you can focus on what is really important to succeed in a foreign country; Doing Business!

That is why we want to take you in 2 days to your potential future partners that form a part of the backbone of your new company in order to get that safe and trust feeling. Also the overnight in Antwerp is a good opportunity to get the feeling of what this fashion capital, main Belgian port and vibrant Metropole has to offer.


2-day introduction to Belgium, Antwerp

Example agenda

Day 1

  • Pick-up in Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Brussels in the morning
  • Visiting the European parliament in Brussels (drink, light lunch in the surrounding) meeting with specific contact on your business subject on request.
  • Visiting 1 or 2 of our office locations in Antwerp.
  • Meeting with our recommended accountant.
  • Dinner in the surrounding of Antwerp, on request with one of our contact from our business network, active in the requested market or with the requested expertise.
  • Transport to your ***(*)hotel in Antwerp city centre (stay and breakfast included in the package)

Day 2

  • Pick-up at the hotel
  • Visit the notary’s office. Specific questions will be required before the visit in order to provide an answer.
  • Visit a bank and or a branch manager, which can assist in opening bank accounts and mortgages, loans etcetera.
  • Meeting with an attorney from a steady lawfirm in Antwerp city center.
  • Transport to Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Brussels

Package deal

1 person £950,- excl VAT
2 persons £1650,- excl VAT
3 persons £2250,- excl VAT


Transportion between the meetings and airport or trainstation
All meetings and visits, labour costs
1 night stay including breakfast in a ***(*)-hotel
1 lunch
1 dinner